Liberal Woman Complains The Only Masculine Men Left To Date Are All Conservative

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A woman has gone mega-viral for complaining the only men with any masculinity left in them in the dating pool are all conservative.

Dating takes on the internet are as old as the internet itself. People love the drama and gossip that comes along with sex, relationships, dating and everything else that fits under that umbrella.

Well, TikTok user @Ms_Petch dropped down from the clouds with a take for the ages:

Only conservatives are masculine when it comes to dating.

Are the only masculine men left in the dating pool all conservative? (Credit: Getty Images)

Are all the masculine men conservative?

“Do you want to know one of the saddest realizations I recently had? Was that as a liberal woman, it is really hard to find a man who is willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship in today’s day and age who is not a conservative. A man who wants to pay on the first date, who wants to open the door, who has that want and desire to care of you and to provide who is not a conservative,” she explained in the now-viral video.

You can watch her full comments below.

@Ms_Petch later released a follow up video claiming she’d found a guy who was a bit of a moderate and embraced conservative and liberal values.

Her follow up came after seemingly taking some heat online.


Literally went on a date with a progressive yet still very traditional man last night lmao who wouldve guessed he wouldve shown up right after THOUSANDS of you said its not out there hahahah #dating #love #traditional #bumble #tinder #marriage #family #men #women #dates #conservative #liberal #libertarian

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Does she have a fair point?

As much as it might pain some liberals out there, @Ms_Petch’s core point is fairly accurate. 78% of Republicans viewed looking up to masculine men as a good thing in a Pew Research Center poll from a few years back. Only 49% of Democrats felt the same way.

Men who view themselves as traditionally masculine are almost certainly on average going to lean to the right. Masculinity embraces traditional values, such as family, protecting others, self-reliance and similar ideas. Those are all ideas that appeal to the right more than to the left.

However, this woman’s main goal seems to be finding a man who can pay for her dates. She literally captioned part of her video “All these men out here wanting to split the bill. ON THE FIRST DATE!!!! whaaaaaaa.”

So, does she want a man who is traditionally masculine or does she just want someone willing to swipe his credit card for dinner?

In her follow up video, she literally bragged that the guy she met was socially liberal but “wants to provide financially for his girlfriend or wife.”

Does she want a masculine man or access to someone dude’s bank account? Seems like it might be the latter, and unsurprisingly, more traditional men might be willing to pick up the tab.

Woman goes viral complaining about how masculine men are all conservative. (Credit: Getty Images)

Her overall point about masculine men being conservative appears to be correct. However, I’m not convinced this woman just doesn’t want a free lunch. Keep your heads on a swivel, gentlemen.

Written by David Hookstead

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