Tiki Barber Takes Dig At Jalen Hurts While Hyping Up Daniel Jones And His Future

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Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles may have trampled Daniel Jones and the New York Giants en route to their Super Bowl berth, but that doesn’t make Hurts the superior quarterback over Jones, according to Tiki Barber.

The former NFL running back sees how good Hurts has been this season, but looking into the future, Barber sees Jones taking the throne as the NFC East’s top gunslinger.

“He is going to be the best quarterback in the NFC East,” Tiki said of Jones. “I know that Jalen Hurts is a stud, I know that he’s amazing, got all these accolades, but he’s also got a lot around him. He’s got a lot around him.”

Daniel Jones had by far and away his best NFL season this past year. (Getty Images)

Barber didn’t just make the blanket statement because he spent his entire career with the Giants. He explained that head coach Brian Daboll will elevate Jones’ game moving forward. He even mentioned Josh Allen in the same breath as Jones.

“Josh Allen who came into the league from Wyoming, and nothing he did at Wyoming translated to the NFL,” Tiki said. “Guess what? His rookie season, he pretty much sucked: 52% completion percentage, 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. But you know, Brian Daboll was just like, ‘You know what, just run the ball a little bit, go out there and use your athleticism.’

“What did he do? He runs for 630 yards and eight touchdowns and they weren’t good, but he kind of felt confident in himself the next year. They coached him up. He got a little bit better, 58% completion percentage, 20 touchdowns, nine interceptions, just kind of started taking baby steps. The next season, he’s an MVP candidate and he throws for 37 touchdowns.”

This past season, his fourth in the league, was far and away Jones’ best since being drafted sixth overall in 2019.


Jones set new career highs in completion percentage, QB rating, passing yards, and rushing yards in 2022 while scoring 22 total touchdowns and throwing just five interceptions.

The Duke product is set to become an unrestricted free agent and the Giants could either use the franchise tag on him or sign him to a new deal. All signs point to Jones returning to The Big Apple.

Written by Mark Harris

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