Jack Nicklaus Offers First-Hand Perspective On Tiger Woods’ Most Recent Surgery While Discussing Possible Return For Big Cat

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Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus share a special bond as the two greatest golfers of all-time. It is hard to imagine that anyone, ever, will be as prominent of a figure in the sport as the Big Cat or the Golden Bear. (Except for the Little Cat, Charlie Woods, but I digress.)

Woods and Nicklaus talk quite a bit. Especially as the former continues to deal with his recovery from a major, near-fatal car accident.

Most recently, Woods was forced to withdraw from The Masters. He was hurting.

Not long thereafter, Woods underwent surgery on his right ankle to address the post-traumatic arthritis that resulted from his car accident. A timeline for return is not anywhere near top-of-mind at this point.

Obviously, as displayed by the massive crowd that followed Woods around during his practice round at Augusta, everybody wants to see him back out on the course at some point. Nicklaus believes that is how Woods feels as well, and expects that he will return from his surgery.

How is Tiger Woods holding up?

The 83-year-old recently provided an update during the Insperity Invitational. It was grim, but hopeful, as contradictory as that may sound.

He wouldn’t be having the operations if he wasn’t interested in wanting to continue to play. He’s a very motivated and dedicated young man to continue to play the game of golf.

— Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus also spoke to his conversation with Woods prior to The Masters. Although the former cannot speak to what the latter has been through, he got a sense of how things were going.

He’s actually swinging pretty well; he just can’t walk.

— Jack Nicklaus

That was very clear during the rain-soaked weekend in Georgia last month. With that said, Woods is willing to go until he can’t go anymore.

He said, ‘I’m really playing well. I’m hitting the ball great. My short game’s great. My putting’s good.’ He said, ‘I just can’t walk.’ And he says, ‘If it helps where I can walk, I’m willing to do it.’

— Jack Nicklaus

Three majors remain in 2023, in May, June and July. It’s too early to rule Woods out, especially for the third of three, but it does not seem likely that he will return to the tee this summer.

With that said, Jack Nicklaus believes that Tiger Woods is going to make yet another comeback. At this point, though, there is no telling how long that might take.

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