PGA Tour Players Praise Tiger Woods’ Attendance At Player’s Only Meeting About LIV Golf, But Aren’t Sharing Details

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A number of the best players and most influential voices on the PGA Tour held a closed-door meeting on Tuesday to discuss the next steps for both the Tour’s future and how to combat LIV Golf. While players are keeping details of the meeting to themselves, they are willing to talk about one attendee, Tiger Woods.

Woods flew from Jupiter, Florida to Wilmington, Deleware – the site of this week’s BMW Championship – to attend the meeting. The players were more than appreciative of the fact that he turned up for the meeting despite not teeing it up this week.

“I think if someone like him is passionate about it, no offense to all of us, but that’s really all that matters,” Justin Thomas said on Woods’ attendance at the meeting.“If he’s not behind something, then one, it’s probably not a good idea in terms of the betterment of the game, but two, it’s just not going to work. He needs to be behind something. I think he’s been a great kind of leading role in a lot of ways in the game for a lot of us.”


Thomas isn’t wrong in saying that Woods is “all that matters” and without him “it’s just not going to work” when it comes to the Tour’s battle with LIV Golf. It’s certainly not a bad thing for the PGA Tour to have the most influential golfer to ever live on your side.

“I think it’s pretty apparent that whenever we all get in the room, there’s an alpha in there, and it’s not me,” Rory McIlroy said of Woods’ presence at the meeting.

PGA Tour Players Keeping Details Of Meeting Under Wraps

While seemingly everyone who attended the meeting has been quick to sing the praises of Woods, his attendance is about the only detail anyone has been willing to share 24 hours after the fact.

“I don’t think that’s for a public forum right now,” McIlroy explained. “I think that’s between the players and between the executives at the tour to try to sort of manage a way forward.”

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Xander Schauffele shared the same sentiment about the meeting.

“Yeah, I think I’d be pretty unhappy if I saw one of those guys from last night just blabbering to you guys what we talked about. That would be really frowned upon, and you probably wouldn’t get invited back to the meeting,” Schauffele said. “Yeah, there’s a little bit of a code there, I’d say.”


At the end of the day, it’s understandable for players to keep details of the meeting and the Tour’s next course of action under wraps. There are legal ramifications in play here, but It’s not the players’ job to come out swinging at LIV Golf.

Commissioner Jay Monahan will be, or at least should be, the one to announce and implement what’s to come next as the Tour finds itself in what is likely just the beginning of its fight with LIV Golf.

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    If I was Fowler, I’m not sure I’d want Tiger driving me.

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