Rickie Fowler Calls Out PGA Tour, Commissioner Jay Monahan For Their Handling Of The LIV Golf Situation

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Rickie Fowler may not be a Top 100 player and winless since 2019, but he’s still an influential voice on the PGA Tour. He’s using his voice to not only speak out against LIV Golf but call out the Tour and commissioner Jay Monahan as well.

Given his recent struggles on the course, Fowler has long been rumored to be joining the Saudi-backed circuit. Those rumors are all but dead now given the fact that he accompanied Tiger Woods to Tuesday’s player-only meeting for the Tour to strategize the LIV Golf situation.

While Monahan claimed back in June that he’s “taken LIV Golf very seriously from the outset,” Fowler doesn’t see it that way.

“I’ve told the Tour and Jay when I’ve met with them that I don’t think they have handled it very well at all,” Fowler told Golf Week.

“A lot of the stuff that has happened in the last six months to a year and is starting to happen, to me they are reacting to it versus when the talks of Premier Golf League and LIV came about is when they should have been proactive and gotten in front of it.”

It’s hard to argue with Fowler’s sentiment. The PGA Tour has been on the back foot far more often than the front foot in its fight with LIV Golf. While the PGA Tour earned a win in the courtroom last week, the Saudi-backed tour has only gotten stronger since Monahan indefinitely suspended all LIV golfers from competing on Tour.

Cam Smith, the No. 2 player in the world, along with Cameron Young, soon to be named PGA Tour Rookie of The Year, are the latest to be rumored to be joining LIV Golf.

More lawsuits and court appearances are inevitable, but It’ll be interesting to see what the PGA Tour comes up with next amid its battle with LIV Golf.

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  1. First, Tiger wearing plaid in the summer, WTH?
    Second, the PGA has not responded to LIV as a serious competetor from the start. When PGA started firing players who had quit working for their company, I knew PGA was going to come out on the bottom. They’ve lost momentum, they’ve lost the best players.

    LIV is an entertainment media that intends to support the players. PGA is an entertainment media with the main goal of making as much for the PGA TOUR as possible. There are players who enter tournaments that lose money during an event if they don’t finish high enough a given weekend. That’s absolutely wrong. PGA Tour doesn’t give a damn about quality of life for the players who don’t have more sponsors than a Congressman.

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