This Is Not How Drew Brees Was Supposed To Go Out

Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. He’s given the league 20 hard-earned, successful years, but it looks like his time has finally come to an end. With every beginning, there is an end, but this one feels … wrong.

This isn’t how the Saints legend was supposed to go out.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went on the road to knock New Orleans out of the playoffs, and a poor performance from Brees was a significant factor in the 30-20 loss. He threw three interceptions, two of which led directly to points for the Bucs.

It was ugly, and now we are left wondering if one of the NFL greats is truly done. Surely not, right?

To anyone who watched the game, it’s clear that Brees should retire. He’s a shell of his former self, and that is actually hurting the Saints. The defense played well enough to win. In fact, the defense has had Brady’s number this year. In three games, he averaged only 215.7 passing yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions. But on Sunday, his subpar performance didn’t matter. Why? Because Brees was worse. A lot worse.

Brees will always be remembered as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback who threw for 80,000-plus yards and 571 touchdowns. He’s also a good guy who completely changed the culture in New Orleans and did much for the city.

It’s tough to see him go out like this — if it is, in fact, his final NFL game.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Actually, given how quick he was to bend the knee to the woke, this IS how he was supposed to go out. Lookin’ like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick. No tears are shed for his fate.

    Now if you want to look at HOF QBs that went out on sad terms, see: Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and Dan Marino.

  2. He’s definitely retiring. If you watch the end of the coverage as he’s walking off the field, he turns around one last time and looks back at the stadium.

    I like Drew, but it never gets old watching the Saints choke in the playoffs again.

  3. Meh…I don’t feel bad for Bree’s. He was able to latch on to an up and coming franchise with one of the best coaches in the game and has a Super Bowl and league MVP to show for it. His early career rival Philip Rivers didn’t escape the incompetence of the Spanos’ family until he was 38 years old and is now too far past his prime to make up for the lost time. So good for Drew that he’s had a great career, and is a first ballot HOF’er, but I’m not crying for you Argentina because you didn’t go out a SB Champ. At least you got one and were a fixture in the playoffs for 75% of your career.

    Then there’s the bended knee bit, which I forgot about until I read this thread. Ya’ll are 100% right, he turned his back on millions of people when he did that to placate the twitter mob. Screw him.

  4. First, I have nothing against Drew Brees. He has overcome a horrendous injury and a demure physical stature to accumulate tremendous statistics in the NFL. But like his coach, his Super Bowl win will always be tainted by “Bounty Gate”.

  5. He’s going to cash in on numerous post QB gigs, all made possible by Jacob Blake and the Wokesters. I don’t feel bad for him at all.

    I do feel bad for the sexual assault and domestic violence victims (as well as his young kids) who will never get a helmet sticker at any NFL game.

  6. Breese didn’t have a good game, but missing Murray and Hill obviously hurt. His teammates certainly didn’t show up to help either. Michael Thomas did literally nothing the entire game and acted like he didn’t want to be there (zero catches on 4 targets). Jared Cook certainly didn’t help. A fumble after a big play, then tops that off with the last pass hitting him in both hands and shoulder pad only to deflect into the final pick. Nice hands. Breese should retire but his whole team played terribly.

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