Things Are So Bad In California They’ve Got Arnold Schwarzenegger Filling Potholes

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was fed up with a pothole in his neighborhood not getting fixed — and with his neighbors complaining about it — so he took matters into his own hands.

The action star and former governor of California posted a video to social media in which he repairs a pothole in his neighborhood that had apparently been plaguing the suspensions of his Brentwood neighbors’ Teslas for quite some time.

People passing by stopped to thank the 75-year-old former governor.

“You have to do it yourself,” he told one woman who stopped to say thanks. “I mean this is crazy, for three weeks I’ve been waiting for this hole to be closed.”

Just by filling that pothole, Arnold has done more good for California than the state’s current governor.

According to The New York Post, historic amounts of rain have damaged streets in southern California. Since late last year, the city has received nearly 20,000 requests to fix damaged roadways. City officials say that they had filled more than 17,500 potholes as of April 6.

They must have just missed Arnold’s pothole in his affluent neighborhood where OJ Simpson definitely didn’t kill two people. Those are easy ones to forget about.

Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Brass unveiled plans to deal with the high number of damaged roadways in the city.

As we now know, that still wasn’t fast enough for the Governator.

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