Netflix’s New Series ‘The Watcher’ Looks Downright Terrifying

Netflix’s new series “The Watcher” looks horrifying.

The upcoming show focuses on the true story of the Brannock family in New Jersey. Shortly after buying a new home, the family started receiving mysterious and sinister letters from someone known as The Watcher claiming to be the protector of the house.

Now, the story is coming to Netflix, and the preview is absolutely terrifying.

If that trailer didn’t make your skin crawl, there’s probably something seriously wrong with you because it was unbelievably chilling.

The fact it’s also a true story makes it that much worse. The Brannock family bought a home in Westfield, New Jersey, and it didn’t take long at all for the letters to start showing up.

“The Watcher” looks terrifying. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Without spoiling anything, there are many rabbit holes you can dive down about the situation on Google. To put it as simply as possible without giving anything away, there are a million theories about who might have been behind the truly scary situation.

“The Watcher” comes from Ryan Murphy.

Another reason to be excited about “The Watcher” is the fact Ryan Murphy is behind the limited series. Murphy is a legit genius when it comes to the horror genre.

Ever since he brought millions of fans “American Horror Story,” he’s been one of the best in the game, and it looks like “The Watcher” will be his latest hit.

You can catch “The Watcher” starting October 13, and it looks like this one is definitely going to be a must-watch.

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