Minnesota Vikings Mascot Aims Cupid’s Arrow At NFL Heartthrob Kay Adams On Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day which means love is in the air, and — to borrow one more tired cliche — one of Cupid’s arrows hit the Minnesota Vikings’ mascot, Viktor The Viking.

Viktor had his eye on one Valentine in particular: FanDuelTV’s Kay Adams. Viktor decided that instead of trumpeting his love for Adams through that annoying horn at U.S. Bank Stadium, he went the modern route and tweeted at her.

What a couple. Keep your head on a swivel, Shams. Viktor might steal your girl, burn your village then somehow get lucky and win 13 games.

Talk about manifesting what you want. Viktor used the almighty photoshopping abilities of the Minnesota Vikings social team to put what he wants into the universe.

Does that really work? Of course not; but new-age-y idiots think it does.

I like that Viktor went all-in on this attempt at wooing the hot chick at NFL Media High School, even going so far as to change his last name to Adams. That’s a gutsy move. Some women would find that very appealing, but others would find that to be the beta move to end all beta moves.

Plus, doesn’t “Kay the Viking” kind of have a ring to it?

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Written by Matt Reigle

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