NBA Insider Shams Charania Courts Kay Adams During Lovey-Dovey Interview

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According to our sources, Shams got game.

Veteran NFL analyst and personality Kay Adams shot her shot months ago during an interview with premier NBA insider Shams Charania, with the two showcasing more chemistry than Shaq and Kobe or Brady and Moss.

As the two reunited on Thursday for an interview on Adams’ Up & Adams show, Charania gave Kay a shoutout in celebration of Women in Sports Day — laying on the charm thicker than a handful of Icy Hot and putting Kay under his spell as he dished out all the things they had in common.

All we can say is … Shams, Wow.


Shams, the newly named Rizz God, knew what he was doing after all the hubbub from their last interview made it abundantly clear that the 36-year-old Adams wanted more than Charania’s scoops.

The Athletic and Stadium reporter is reportedly not married, and Adams is also an eligible bachelor. Will this be the ultimate team-up of the offseason?

Last time they met for an interview, Adams threw subtle lovey-dovey comments at Shams, including a joke about them having kids.

Just a month away from Valentine’s Day, fellas watching the interview can take a page out of Shams’ playbook as he gave Kay her much-deserved flowers for covering the NFL with amazing insight and screen presence for over a decade.

Just an all-around talent, that Kay Adams.

Breaking news and breaking the hearts of all of us Kay fans, Shams has done it all. (screams internally)

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