The View Blames Trump’s ‘Xenophobia’ For Discrediting COVID Lab Leak Theory

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A television show blamed Donald Trump for the media’s previous denial of the lab leak theory, which both the U.S. Energy Department and FBI concluded this week was the most likely origin of Covid-19.

At this point, readers wonder aloud whether the statement came from Don Lemon or the ladies on “The View.” No other hosts are quite dumb enough to make said case.

Those who guessed “The View” are correct.

Sunny Hostin, the densest of the cackling hags, and Whoopi Goldberg say they would have taken the lab leak hypothesis more seriously had it not been for Trump’s “xenophobia.”

“Trump unleashed this xenophobia,” Hostin said. “He stopped allowing Chinese people to come to the country. He then started calling it the—.” Hostin could not finish before Goldberg interrupted,” Don’t even say it.”

The Wuhan Virus is to which they refer.

Here’s the segment:

Blaming Trump, who raised early awareness of the likelihood of a lab spill, for the media and experts dismissing the idea is a take we did not see coming.

Even from the pinheads above.

If it was Donald Trump’s fault, does that mean he’s also to blame for every other Covid reality left-wing pundits denounced as a conspiracy?

Is xenophobia the reason the so-called experts and journalists also inaccurately portrayed mask-wearing?

Vaccine effectiveness?

Lockdown safety?

Plexiglass barriers?

Booster shots?

National fatality rates?

Covid-19 affirmed the War on Information. The pandemic exposed programs like “The View” as deceivers of information.

That’s not on Donald Trump or supposed “xenophobia.”

Rather, it’s on a media who dutifully parrot talking points from bureaucrats who hide behind The Science™.

Like the cast of “The View.” And this compilation of corporate media pawns who discredited the lab leak as a dangerous, racist, vile, right-wing conspiracy stoked by the MAGA Asian-hating crowd.

Written by Bobby Burack

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