The Texas HS Football Player Who Was Arrested For Assaulting A Ref Is In Jail Again

Emmanuel Duron, the Texas high school football player who made headlines in late 2020 for being arrested during a game after delivering a crushing form tackle to a referee, is back in the news, and this time Duron is in more trouble with the police over some nose candy.

Now 20 and no longer strapping on the pads, Duron seems to have gone professional in a different trade — the drug business. Edinburg (TX) police found Duron sleeping in a vehicle Tuesday morning and started a search after an officer “smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.”

Emmanuel Duron was arrested in 2020 after assaulting a Texas referee and was banned from playing high school sports / via Twitter

Upon inspection, according to KVEO, police found plastic bags containing six grams of cocaine which resulted in a felony “manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance” charge that comes with a $50k bond.

How quickly life comes at you.

One minute you’re leveling a ref, the next minute you’re facing a felony cocaine charge.

“To Mr. Fred Garcia, I would like to apologize to you personally,” Duron said on a YouTube video weeks after destroying the ref. “I hope you’re doing well. I am extremely sorry to my actions towards you, and I hope one day you can accept my apology.”

Look, it’s safe to say many people figured Mr. Duron would have trouble buckling down and hitting the books after his high school career ended. Did those same people think he’d end up a drug mule so soon? That’s a little harder to project at the next level.

It appears we have a 5-star criminal prospect in the making here folks.

Emmanuel Duron / Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. What a shame. I hope the kid gets his life turned around because that life only ends in the graveyard. If I was guessing, he might not have gotten the upbringing many of us were blessed to get. Love your kids. It matters when they’re 20.

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