The Murdaugh Murders Story Takes Yet Another Twist, Lawyer’s Knife Linked To Slashed Tire

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For those of you who were around over the weekend when we brought you the news of South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh, whose wife and son were murdered in June, being shot in the head Saturday while changing his tire, there’s a twist to the story that has turned the Murdaugh Murders into the crime drama of 2021.

Those of you who aren’t aware of what’s going on here need to get caught up on the Murdaughs and what is going to make one helluva movie down the road. Alex Murdaugh, one of the most powerful lawyers in South Carolina’s low country, is now an investigative journalist’s dream come true as his story of being shot in the head is starting to fall apart.

Reporter Mandy Matney, who now has the No. 2 podcast in all the land, reported Wednesday that the knife used to flatten Murdaugh’s run-flat SUV tire has been recovered and a source tells Matney that the knife has been linked back to Alex Murdaugh.

Murdaugh’s story is that he was changing the tire on his Mercedes when someone in a truck pulled up and shot him in the head. According to South Carolina news outlet FITSNews, it was a superficial gunshot wound.

Did Murdaugh stage his own shooting? Investigators aren’t about to say that, but there are some interesting tidbits being leaked out to reporters such at Matney and Will Folks from FITSNews, including the part where Murdaugh is reportedly battling an opioid addiction and “was pushed out of his powerful law firm over claims that he had misused funds,” according to the New York Times.

The law firm is said to have discovered “misappropriated funds” and that Murdaugh resigned Friday.

A source tells FITSNews that “millions” are missing and this could be in the eight-figure range.

South Carolina’s Post & Courier is reporting that Murdaugh has entered rehab — the superficial gunshot must’ve healed quickly — for substance abuse and now reporters continue to circle and build material for future podcast episodes as people try to figure out the missing pieces to the Murdaugh Murders mystery.

Was dad involved with the murders of his son, Paul, and his wife, Maggie, back in June? Did Alex stage his shooting for some reason completely unrelated to the unsolved shootings of Paul and Maggie? Is Alex deep in debt to drug dealers? What’s Alex not telling investigators?

I’m telling you guys right now, get on board with this saga. Go follow Matney. Just be prepared for a deep dive once you dig into the Murdaugh history. We’re talking about multiple dead people including a housekeeper and a 19-year-old woman who was killed while riding on a boat allegedly being driven by a drunk Paul Murdaugh.

It needs to be said again, this is the crime drama of 2021 and it’s not even close. Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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