The Minnesota Vikings Just Played The Worst First Half In Team History

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Yikes. That was absolutely BRUTAL. The Minnesota Vikings got shut out 33-0 in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts.

In case you’re wondering about a potential comeback, no team has ever overcome a 30+ point halftime deficit. The NFL record is 28 points, set by the 1980 San Francisco 49ers, who trailed the New Orleans Saints 35-7 at the half.

The Vikings turned the ball over twice, statistically-speaking, but really five times. They had lost a fumble, a pick-six, a blocked punt returned for a touchdown and got stopped on two separate fourth down plays. One of them was a fake punt, so the punt team had a particularly rough half.

The Vikings first half was SO BAD

Let’s get to the lowlights, of which there are many. The Colts started with the ball and drove right down the field. But, the Minnesota defense stepped up and held them to a field goal. It seemed like a big stop, at the time.

But following a three-and-out, Indianapolis blocked the Vikings punt and scored a touchdown off the deflection.

That’s fine, Vikings fans thought. Plenty of ball left. Dalvin Cook took the very next offensive snap and rumbled for 40 yards. “We’re right back in this!” Vikings fans, probably.

But on the very next play, Cook coughed it up. Then the Colts scored. Then the Vikings had a fourth and very short 4th down. And Dalvin Cook couldn’t get it done, again.

Next drive, another short fourth down. Vikings try going for it again. Uh, you see where this is going.

The Vikings continued to hold the Colts to field goals, despite giving up the ball consistently on their own side of the field. But Kirk Cousins added to the misery on the ensuing Vikings drive.

Justin Jefferson was out on this play in the blue medical tent (he would later return) and Jalen Reagor was in his spot. Watching the replay, it’s pretty clear Cousins thought Reagor was going to go left and he went right. Had Jefferson been in the game, that pick probably doesn’t happen.

Poor Kirk Cousins. The Minnesota Vikings first half certainly wasn't all on him, but critics and casual fans will almost certainly blame him because it's the easy thing to do.
Poor Kirk Cousins. The Minnesota Vikings first half certainly wasn’t all on him, but critics and casual fans will almost certainly blame him because it’s the easy thing to do. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

But that doesn’t really matter. Add it all up and the Vikings got absolutely demolished in what was the worst first half in team history.

It can’t get much worse in the second half.

Can it?

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