The ManningCast Is The New Madden Cover Curse

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There are yet to be any broken legs, early retirements, or arrests, but the ManningCast is quickly becoming the Madden black cat of the NFL. Now that Buffalo has lost to bottom feeder Jacksonville, players who have appeared on the popular ManningCast are a stunning 0-6 in the game following their TV time.

While Peyton and Eli keep winning, the guest list keeps losing.

The ManningCast has been a part of just five of the first eight weeks of the NFL season and is not scheduled to be on air for tonight’s game between Pittsburgh and Chicago, which leaves NFL players safe for at least a week. Perhaps those NFL guests yet to be confirmed may want to politely decline future invitations from the brothers Manning, rather than commit to the seemingly cursed gab session.

In Week One, superstars Russell Wilson and Travis Kelce joined Peyton and Eli, and both lost their Week Two games. Gronk made headlines for his lack of film study the following week, and ended up losing to the Rams six days later.

Matthew Stafford of the then 3-0 Rams gave the ManningCast an All-SEC quarterback feel for Week Three before, you guessed it, losing the following week.

After Peyton and Eli took a few weeks off to count their money and sip some Henny, Tom Brady and Josh Allen walked the plank Monday Night Football plank, only to be left swimming with the fishes in their next games.

While the famed Madden curse has mostly affected individual players (see: Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis, Shaun Alexander, etc.), the ManningCast is cursing entire teams. Until Peyton and Eli took the reins, team sabotage was a role only Daniel Snyder could handle.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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