‘The Last Of Us’ Might Not Return For Years

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It could be years before HBO fans see a new episode of “The Last of Us.”

The hit post-apocalyptic series about a virus destroying the world was a massive hit from the moment it premiered in January.

The incredible first season wrapped up in March, and fans were left craving more. There was no set return timeline, and it now sounds like it might not return for a couple years.

HBO executive predicts long wait for “The Last of Us” season two.

Generally speaking, a year between seasons is pretty standard. Sometimes, it’s quicker at nine or 10 months. Unfortunately, shows that require a lot of post-production can have multi-year gaps, and it sounds like that’s where “The Last of Us” is at.

“We were looking at ‘The Last Of Us’ for some time in 2025,” HBO’s head of drama Francesca Orsi told Deadline when discussing the future of the show.

“The Last of Us” was a monster success earlier in the year. It’s HBO’s latest hit series. (Credit: HBO)

The writer’s strike has become a major roadblock for productions pushing back projects indefinitely. Writing on season two of the series with Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal has been paused due to the strike.

That means progress won’t continue on season two until the strike ends, and it’s unclear when that will happen. Ramsey had also previously speculated it could be a very long wait.

Fans don’t want to wait two years.

A two-year wait between seasons is absolutely brutal. TV fans will already have to wait two years for the new season of “House of the Dragon.”

Now, it sounds like the exact same wait will happen between seasons of “The Last of Us.” That’s not what anybody wants, but at least it’s not the three-year gap between seasons three and four of “Stranger Things.”

“The Last of Us” was a monster hit earlier this year. It was dark, captivating, gritty and a ton of fun. It had one of the best premiere episodes in modern TV history, and didn’t ever take its foot off the accelerator.

“The Last of Us” might not return until 2025. (Credit: HBO)

The upside is you’ll have plenty of time to binge season one if you’re not caught up because 2025 isn’t exactly around the corner. Let’s hope season two is excellent whenever it arrives. Fans definitely have incredibly high expectations.

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