The Greatness Of Mike Leach: Will Cain Has A Heartfelt Tribute

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Fox News’ Will Cain paid his respects to Mike Leach on the latest episode of The Will Cain Podcast with a heartfelt tribute to the late college football coach.

Leach passed away on Monday at the age of 61, and Cain talked about how the coach was in rarified company for him.

“The offensive innovator, the genius that was Mike Leach, isn’t why I sit here today with a profound sense of loss,” Cain said. “It isn’t why I describe him as ‘unique’ or as ‘an individual.’ It’s because if anyone has ever seen an interview or read a book about, or by Mike Leach, you understand what I’m saying.

“The man had theories, he had opinions, and he had time.”

In addition to being an offensive innovator, Mike Leach is remembered for giving incredible interviews. (Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images)

Cain Talked About Some Of Mike Leach’s Greatest Moments

Cain went on to discuss the outpouring of tributes from around the sports world. This included one from some of Leach’s former quarterbacks, mostly from his days at Washington State who talked about their film sessions.

“Film was supposed to go for 45 minutes and it could possibly go for three hours and it became a game among the quarterbacks to ask him a question,” Cain said. “‘Hey coach, what do you think is going on with the economy?’

“He’d clear his throat because he had a perpetual cough since 2002. I’m sure not a medical necessity, No reflection of a real condition was the cough,” Cain said with a chuckle. “‘It’s good you asked that question, Aaron. It’s pretty interesting and I think it’ll be worth our time.'”

Cain went on to say how Leach was capable of talking about an array of topics from the economy to pirates to Geronimo to candy corn with incomparable depth.

“Mike Leach was a gem,” Cain said, before telling listeners to go look up some of Leach’s greatest hits from over the years.

Mike Leach speaks at SEC Football Kickoff Media Days, at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Cain Talked About How How Leach Always Had Time To Chat

“There are stories of Mike Leach being on the phone for a long time, meetings postponed. ‘Who was that, coach? Who was so important?'” he said before recalling Leach’s response. “‘It was a guy who had the wrong number. Thought I might want to help him out.”

Finally, Cain remembered the only time he spoke to Leach over the phone for a radio interview.

“I was nervous. I’ve only ever been nervous a few times in my life in doing this job,” Cain said. “Your heart starts beating, I can feel it beating in my chest. I’ve rehearsed my question, unnaturally, in my mind three, four, five times.”

He talked about how he couldn’t remember his question which he had heavily prepared.

“Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Mike Leach; off the top of my head. Interviewees who have made my heart pound in my chest.

Cain wrapped up by discussing what was perhaps Leach’s greatest quality: his wisdom.

“Mike Leach was wise,” he said. “It wasn’t just that he was funny, and it wasn’t just that he was an offensive innovator, he was wise in the way of someone who is inquisitive and curious and introspective.”

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