Mike Leach Was A Gift And His Takes On Candy Corn, Cargo Shorts, Dance Moves Will Be Missed

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Former Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach was a content creator’s dream. Simply put, Leach was a gift.

Need a great quote? Mike Leach was your guy.

Seeking video to spice up a game summary after Leach’s team whipped another opponent? No problem, Coach Leach had it covered.

Sadly, Leach passed away on Tuesday at the age of 61 as a result of a weekend heart attack.

To say Mike Leach will be missed by many would be an all-time understatement.

Often times within OutKick, it was a race to see who got dibs on diving into the next Mike Leach article. Leach was one of a handful of subjects that OutKick staff never tired of writing about and OutKick visitors never tired of reading about. We were all eager to jump at the opportunity to type a few hundred words describing Leach’s most recent rant, dance moves or candy preference. Regardless of who landed the honor, laughs were sure to follow.

With that, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most memorable (and there were plenty) Mike Leach moments that were reported on by OutKick. Leach has provided OutKick with endless content and we’ll all certainly miss the laughs.

Mike Leach Completely Hated Candy Corn, Loved Gummy Bears

Coach Leach had was no fan of the Halloween staple.

Following a fall 2021 win over Vanderbilt, Leach went off on the yellow, orange and white candies. “I hate candy corn,” said Leach. “I mean, I completely hate candy corn.”

Leach Really Hated Candy Corn

“I have no interest. It’s one of those items that, you know, there’s a reason they serve it basically once a year because it’s not very good to begin with,” coach Mike Leach insisted last fall.

Mike Leach went off on candy corn.

Coach Leach Had Rhythm, Kind Of…

After a 2021 win over Auburn, Leach joined his players in celebratory dancing. Thankfully, cameras were rolling. Leach cut the rug, then broke it down, telling media members: “I started out just trying to walk in place, and that was clearly not satisfactory with my captors. I tried to bring the knees a little higher. And then I got the hands up to try and finish the deal off. I do think I outdid Elaine on Seinfeld. As soon as I thought I was safe to stop, I did and let them have a great time.”

No one danced quite like Coach Leach.
Mike L:each
Mike Leach was Mississippi State’s head coach since 2022 . (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images).

In three seasons with MSU, Leach accumulated a 19-17 record. He was beloved by his players, coaches within the profession, fans and media. Leach loved football – he coached at the collegiate level since the late ’80s.

Interested In More Than Just Football

It wasn’t just football that Leach loved. And it sure as hell wasn’t candy corn. One of Leach’s interests was treehouses. So much so, that during the offseason he asked people to send him pics of treehouses via social media.

Leach was a fan of treehouses.

“Send pictures of treehouses near you. Include the location,” Leach tweeted last March.

He Was A Staple Of Fashion

Coach Leach had a distinct look. He was rarely, if ever, dressed in the latest Nike/Under Armour/Adidas sideline apparel. Hats and Spurrier visors were even more rare. Leach rocked product-less hair, disheveled polos and had an appreciation for life’s most sensible attire- cargo shorts.

Mike Leach never stopped rocking cargo shorts.

“The pockets. The pockets are the key,” Leach previously admitted to Britany Thackery, MSU’s Director of Player Personnel. “I like pockets. I like cotton. 100% cotton and the pockets.”

Can you blame him?

Plus-Sized Girlfriends And Particular Meals Concerned Leach

Games against Auburn brought out the best (comments) from Leach. After barely holding on for a win this November Leach addressed the effort of his players, or lack thereof.

“Instead of playing hard you want to sit behind a shade tree, eat a fish sandwich & drink a lemonade with your fat little girlfriend,” said Leach. “We shot for that too often.”

Coach Mike Leach expressed concern over his player’s eating habits alongside their girlfriends.

RIP Coach Leach. Thanks for the laughs.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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