The Greatest Threat to the NBA Season Are Sidechicks

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Russell Westbrook has the coronavirus. Here’s an idea that I haven’t heard anyone else bring up.

Why is the NBA only testing for current COVID/coronavirus infections?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an antibody test run to see what percentage of NBA players have already had the coronavirus?

Why am I the only person suggesting this?  it seems like a really easy solution.

Current tests are great.  But you could not test positive on Tuesday and you could have it on Wednesday.

Current tests don’t make that much sense because you could test negative on it on Tuesday and test positive the next day.

I would rather have information on what percentage of NBA players have the antibodies to this virus already.

Because then it gives us an idea of how many people theoretically are susceptible of catching the virus inside of the bubble.

Speaking of the bubble, great article on Outkick on how the bubble might end up getting punctured by sidechicks.

Sidechicks are on Twitter already saying they are getting invited into the bubble. This will be an incredible Mission Impossible storyline trying to get all the sidechicks in the bubble past security.

It will be interesting to see if the entire NBA season could end up collapsing because of some groupies trying to make it into the bubble.

Crazy?  If I were 25 years old and a single pro athlete, the minute I got into the bubble, I would turn it into Shawshank Redemption and I’d be like Red all day long not trying to break out of the bubble but how do you get sidechicks into the bubble.

You have a lot of time to fill here. I would spend all that time thinking about how do we sneak in all the different sidechicks.

This is the biggest threat to the NBA season.

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  1. Corona virus testing?!?!?! WTF, Woj…how come you never asked that question?
    Excellent point, Clay! I guess with all the social justice stuff, and who’s rooms are overlooking the lake, and signing up for late night food service, taco Tuesdays etc, etc…nobody thought that maybe they should have tested — as you say — to see how many players already have the antibodies.
    Commish…uh, Boss man…any reason your crack staff didn’t think of that like a month ago?

  2. Grown men with $millions of dollars and nothing to do in an Orlando Children’s park?

    If being there helps the Florida economy, great. I still don’t understand why the NBA didn’t do this in Nevada? Or their home arena’s? They fly private and stay in 5 star resorts. And so far the Rona hasn’t hurt any athletes.

    Nothing about the bubble makes sense.
    2020 is stoned on drugs. Bad drugs.

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