Will Side Pieces Pop Adam Silver’s NBA Bubble?

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One of my first pieces here at Outkick back in early June was on NBA players and how they would handle the side piece issue once they were inside the Disney bubble. I was early on that topic. It was around July 1 when Stephen A. Smith started wondering the same thing. It’s a very legitimate topic because we know NBA guys love randoms and if you expect the NBA bubble to hold tight, you have to allow randoms to be brought into the Disney experience until they’re kicked out by the NBA player who invited the random.

That brings me to Twitter user @Ugly_Anna and her claim Sunday that she’s received a bubble invite.

Remember, the plan is for guests to arrive when the league gets down to the Elite 8. Take that info into consideration when you try to guess which player is inviting Ugly Anna to come visit the bubble. Also, keep in mind that players will be allotted ONE extra room. How do the guys handle this? Do you tell your wife to stay home and then invite the slam piece? Do you invite the wife and then barter with another player for his extra room? There are dozens of storylines to think about here.

Are there secret NBA bubble side piece hotels where the side pieces won’t run into NBA wives? Adam Silver could have a crazy problem on his hands if you have side pieces face-to-face with ladies who’ve already said ‘I do’ to these players. I don’t care about the NBA, but I’m here for the drama that could play out inside the Disney campus.

It didn’t take long for the speculation to run rampant. Was it Donovan Mitchell inviting Ugly Anna to Disney?

Things these NBA guys have to think wisely about while inside the bubble — which slam piece gets that golden ticket:


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