Texas Sergeant Fired After She Was Allegedly Heard Having Sex With A Deputy On Duty In A Parking Lot

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A Texas sergeant and the deputy that she eventually admitted to having a sexual relationship with were both fired by the Comal County Sheriff’s Office. The reason they were fired was for failing to disclose their relationship to their administration.

Sgt. Kellie Metz and Deputy Patrick Byrne were terminated Jan. 19. Details of their relationship came to light after the Texas Attorney General’s Office ordered CCSO officials to release the records.

The records show, according to KSAT, that an investigation into the two was launched in early December. Rumors had surfaced that the sergeant and deputy were having sex while on duty.

The records also show that a man charged with criminal mischief in May 2022 claimed to have heard to two having sex in a parking lot. David Brakhage received the charges for throwing a rock at the windshield of Byrne’s patrol vehicle.

He told deputies that he had done so because, “he heard moaning sounds like sexual gratification coming from the area of the patrol units.”

Bryne’s vehicle was parked next to Metz’s vehicle in the parking lot of a restaurant called the Antler Cafe. The damage to the vehicle was never reported to the sheriff’s office.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the two did not have their bodycams turned on at the time. Brakhage was cleared of wrongdoing on Jan. 12 after a non-prosecution affidavit was filed in his case.

Metz and Byrne have both denied having sex while on duty. According to the records, the former sergeant told investigators that she was simply teaching the deputy how to conduct felony traffic stops at the time of the incident.

Texas sergeant Kellie Metz fired
Texas sergeant Kellie Metz fired (Image Credit: KSAT 12)

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Although, during questioning Metz did admit to having sex with Byrne. She claimed that it took place only two times at her residence in October and November 2020.

The reason for not reporting the relationship was a simple one. She explained to investigators “the two meetings were isolated meetings and there was no intention to pursue anything further.”

Records show that Byrne initially denied having a sexual relationship with the sergeant, but ended up changing his story.

Whether or not any sexual encounters actually took place on duty is up for debate. They deny it and a man arrested for throwing a rock at a police vehicle is the only one claiming to have caught them in the act.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t others who were aware of the relationship. According to internal affairs investigators, Byrne’s fellow deputies were aware of the relationship. He had bragged to them about it during a BBQ.

Investigators also said two deputies repeated the exact phrase used by Byrne to describe Metz’s ability to perform a certain sex act.

I’ve never had any lessons on how to conduct felony traffic stops before, but I doubt very seriously they involve moaning sounds.

Again, I don’t know that for sure. I’m purely speculating that those aren’t in the lesson plans.

Written by Sean Joseph

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