Texas Football Deletes Questionable Locker Room Dance Video After Posting Without Context, But The Internet Lives Forever

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Texas football has high hopes for 2023. The Longhorns have not won more than eight games since Sam Ehlinger infamously declared them “back” after the Sugar Bowl in 2018.

Steve Sarkisian is in his third year. Quinn Ewers packed on weight during the offseason and is fully healthy for what is poised to be his breakout season. And 15 starters return.

There is a tangible buzz around Austin. Everybody is saying and doing the right things …

… except the social media team, or whomever was responsible for a since-deleted video over the weekend.

He or she did not do the right thing. The video should have stayed in the drafts. Or, at the least, should have been posted with further explanation.

Around 9:00 pm CST on Tuesday night, the official Texas football account posted a clip from the locker room in which multiple players danced around to BKTHERULA’s Tweakin’ Together. The song went viral earlier in the spring, and the dancing was intentionally zesty.

Less than 24 hours later, the video was gone. The Longhorns pulled it off of their Twitter account.

But the internet lives forever.

As it would turn out, wide receiver Casey Cain had posted the video to his TikTok back in March. It was part of a larger trend in which participants pranced around with some serious sass.

In context, it’s pretty funny.

Out of context, the video doesn’t make sense. It leaves the door wide open for people to make jokes.

For some reason, Texas posted the video without any context to an audience of viewers that likely has very little crossover to those who would understand the TikTok trend. The Longhorns got roasted as soon as the video went live, which led to it being deleted less than a day later.

Written by Grayson Weir

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