Austin-Area Students Lose Their Minds After Learning They Get To Skip Class To Meet Texas RB Bijan Robinson

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The Name, Image and Likeness era has changed the landscape of college football forever.

Money was previously exchanged under the table illegally. Today, athletes are finally able to profit from things like merchandise, public appearances, social media promotions and endorsements.

Although there are a lot of problems arising with NIL and how it is being used (which could have all been foreseen prior to July 1, 2021), the fact that college athletes are getting compensated properly for their worth is refreshing. It was long overdue.

There is also a lot of good coming from NIL. Take Bijan Robinson for example.

Robinson, the starting running back for Texas, is among the most profitable athletes to date. He is driving a Lamborghini and recently released his own Bijan-branded dijon mustard.

As Bijan Robinson continues to rake in the dough, he is also taking the chance to spread the wealth and give back.

He recently announced that he will be donating more than $3,000 worth of backpacks to a local, Austin-area school.

The Harmony School of Excellence is a is a 6th-12th grade public charter school that provides a high-quality education option for students in the surrounding areas. It will benefit greatly from Robinson’s success in the NIL space.

In addition to his physical donation, the Longhorns star is donating his time and will meet with some of the Harmony students.

Earlier this week, a group of students were informed by their teacher that they will be allowed to skip class to help carry boxes. They were more than okay with that proposition.

But the teacher wasn’t done there and had even more good news.

She informed her students that they will also get to meet Robinson and sent them into a frenzy. Their reaction is priceless, take a look:

Shoutout to Robinson here. He has earned every single dollar that he has been paid through NIL opportunities and doesn’t owe anything to anyone.

Robinson’s decision to give back to the community is everything great about Name, Image and Likeness and the students going bonkers after finding out that they will get to meet him goes to show that some things are bigger than sports. Pretty special.

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