Jimbo Fisher Bizarrely Bailing On Production Meeting, As High-Profile Agent Arrives In Texas, Raises Significant Questions

Jimbo Fisher pulled a bizarre move on Friday afternoon prior to Texas A&M’s game against Ole Miss. The Aggies head coach bailed on a standard television production meeting without giving a reason.

Every week, prior to Saturday, the media network set to broadcast the game typically speaks to the head football coach on both sides about the upcoming matchup. The announcers take the time to ask about the opponent, injury updates, and things of that nature. It’s nothing crucial, but it occurs before every game and it gives the people on the call a chance to get a better feel for what’s going on.

For this weekend, in College Station, ESPN’s Tom Hart will call the game for SEC Network. As is standard, Hart was set to meet with Fisher on Friday.

Considering that the head coaches are busy, sometimes the meetings have to be delayed or moved. Rarely, if ever, does a head coach ever decide not to show up at all.

But Fisher did just that.

Jimbo Fisher bails on ESPN production meeting.

While speaking with Paul Finebaum on Friday afternoon, Hart revealed that the $95 million man suddenly became unavailable. Fisher did not show up and did not give a reason why he could not meet with ESPN.

Hart said that he cannot remember a time where this happened in the past. Fisher is the first coach to ever leave him high-and-dry before a game.

To make things even more interesting, Hart reported that Jimmy Sexton is in Texas this weekend. Sexton, one of the most high-profile agents in sports, also represents Fisher.

The timing of Fisher’s snub makes things look even worse. From an outsider’s perspective, the Texas A&M program is in complete disarray.

Not only do the Aggies — a preseason Top-10 team — sit at 3-4 with a legitimate chance to miss out on a bowl game, but the drama in College Station is real. Multiple players were suspended indefinitely earlier this week and there are a lot of rumors suggesting that many top players may choose to transfer at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Fisher is bailing on production meetings and avoiding confrontation. As a result, quite a few questions remain:

  1. What came up that made Fisher unavailable?
  2. Could Sexton have told Fisher not to talk?
  3. Did Fisher decide to bail on his own?
  4. Was athletic director Ross Bjork involved in the decision?
  5. Why did he avoid Hart? Is there something to hide?
  6. Is Fisher scared of answering the hard questions?
  7. Was there something else going on in College Station that took priority?

Whatever happened, it’s a terrible look for Fisher and A&M. They will look to get back on track with a big home win over Ole Miss on Saturday.

UPDATE: Not long after Hart exposed Fisher for bailing on the meeting, the two got together on Zoom.

Coincidental timing, no?

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. Who will be the first $100,000,000 Coach to be zapped ??? No one expects Mich State to beat UM so Tucker is safe. If UVA beats Miami, it could be a Category 5 Hurricane for the Cristobal family. Venables plays Iowa State … that one is a “pick’em” … Kelly is safe / LSU has an off-week.
    And meanwhile Lincoln Riley is still beloved in TroyLand ….

  2. What is obvious to those of us who bleed Crimson is that Jimbo KNEW his fortunes always rode on beating BAMA consistently and his over-all record was never gonna matter. He sold-out the 2 weeks prior to make SURE his team was ready for BAMA… PLOT TWIST: he lost and now he finds himself in a free-fall from which he’ll never recover. He underestimated AppSt and they popped him, Arkansas just out-sorried A&M, then BAMA choked the life out of this huckster parading as a SEC coach — I mean, let’s face it, if you couldn’t make it at FlaSt with the team he was HANDED by Bowden, then you ain’t gonna make it anywhere.

    I give credit to A&M, they understand the game: you GOTTA beat BAMA. The sad part is that they refuse to realize it’s not a sustainable goal.

    Now that TX is back on the schedule, A&M may be in death-spiral from which there is no recovery — with or without Jimbo.

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