Four-Star Texas A&M Player Bobby Taylor, Who Entered Transfer Portal With Cryptic Message, Returns To Program In Silence

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Bobby Taylor plans to return to Texas A&M if the Aggies will have him. He has pulled a 180ΒΊ.

Taylor, a redshirt freshman, committed to play for Jimbo Fisher as part of the program’s historic, No. 1-ranked recruiting Class of 2022. The former four-star prospect chose Texas A&M over multiple other SEC offers and played a big role in recruiting other athletes to the school.

Injury kept Taylor off of the field for much of his first year, and he was limited during the recent spring period. It was not an ideal start to his tenure in College Station.

Bobby Taylor (via Texas A&M Athletics)

And then things took a sudden, fairly unexpected twist late last week.

Taylor announced that he was entering the transfer portal with four years of eligibility remaining. His announcement made him the 30th player to leave the Aggies during the 2023 offseason and he followed it up with a cryptic message.

Not long after hitting the portal, Taylor posted on his Instagram story and implied that he didn’t want to leave the program. No further context was given.

Was Taylor processed out? Did the NIL collective revoke his offer? Was his decision a result of his standing on the depth chart?

All of those questions remain unanswered. There is no telling what Taylor meant by what he said, and he has not expanded further.

In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter. Taylor, apparently, is back with Texas A&M.

It was first reported on Saturday that Taylor informed the Aggie coaching staff that he planned to stay with the program. His withdrawal from the transfer portal was confirmed on Sunday.

Bobby Taylor’s return to Texas A&M is confusing.

  1. Taylor hit the transfer portal.
  2. He hinted that he didn’t want to leave Texas A&M.
  3. Taylor removed his name from the transfer portal.
  4. He returned to Texas A&M.

If Taylor didn’t want to leave the Aggies, then why did he leave in the first place?

If it was not his decision to leave and Texas A&M processed him out, why did it take him back?

There are a lot of questions left unanswered. The whole thing is even weirder if Taylor was the one who told the staff that he wanted to return.

Should that be how things went down, it sounds like Taylor was able to come and go on his own terms. In which case, what did he mean by what he posted on Instagram?!

Obviously, there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that may never be made public.

Taylor could have received the reassurance that he needed from Texas A&M β€” whether from the coaching staff or by the NIL collective β€” and turned back around. He could have been processed out, but the staff wanted him back.

However it all went down, the element of secrecy to the entire saga is a testament to the modern era of college football. There is always something deeper brewing under the surface!

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