Texans WR Brandin Cooks Sends Cryptic Tweet After Not Being Traded

Getting caught up in trade talks has to be exhausting work for NFL players.

One of the talked-about names expected to get traded was Houston Texans receiver Brandin Cooks, with WR-needy teams like the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants reportedly hot on his trail.

All expectations were set on Cooks finding a new home, especially with his absence at Texans practice on Tuesday, which the coaching staff attempted to cover up as a “personal reason.” His status was later updated to ‘questionable’ due to a wrist injury.


“Don’t take a man’s kindness for granted. Covered for the lies for too long those days are done. Crossed the line with playing with my career,” Cooks tweeted Tuesday afternoon, pointing the arrow at Houston for dangling his name in trade talks.

The trade window closed Tuesday and Cooks is still a Texan, which may not have been his preferred outcome based on a tweet he sent moments after the deadline.

Cooks’ journey in the NFL has been intriguing: posting six 1,000-yard receiving seasons and being traded three times. The 29-year-old wideout has proven that he’s hardly been stymied by mediocre QB play, including guys like Davis Mills, Jared Goff and Tyrod Taylor.

The 2014 first-round pick continues to be one of the speediest, deep-field receiving threats in the NFL.

On Monday, Cooks tweeted, “I played my part and never took it to heart,” as a message to the Texans that despite being their most skilled offensive player, he’s choosing not to hold that over Houston’s head.

Cooks wasn’t shy about a potential split with the Texans. His public Twitter ‘likes’ showed Cooks had ostensibly supported a deal with rumored teams like the Packers or Minnesota Vikings.

This season, Cooks has accumulated 32 catches for 354 passing yards and a touchdown.

It’s simple … #FreeBrandinCooks!

California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

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