Texans Under Fire For Enabling Deshaun Watson, Dan Dakich Discusses

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As part of the evolving investigation looking into NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson, a new lawsuit is doubling down on the Houston Texans’ knowledge of the inappropriate massage appointments coordinated in a 17-month span.

Houston Detective Believes Deshaun Watson Committed Crimes

While Dan Dakich said he has no idea whether or not the lawsuit will be thrown out, he has asked lawyers about the situation.

“The number one thing involved in this lawsuit with Deshaun Watson is did the Texans know he was being sexually explicit, hurtful, rude, whatever words you want to put in there? Did they know his shenanigans? And if they did after they knew, did they continue to provide rooms, non-disclosure, legal counsel, whatever?” Dakich said. “That’s the bottom line, and I guarantee you, everybody shut up with the Texans in this thing, at least from the Texans’ side of it, will go away.”

Dan also talked about the rumors circulating regarding punishment day for Deshaun Watson.

“There are rumors out there that Deshaun Watson will get a permanent ban with a minimum of one year,” he said. “That’ll be very, very interesting. I think people feel like that’s coming.”

Here’s everything Dan had to say on Tuesday’s Don’t @ Me:

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