Bad News Drinkers: A Massive Tequila Shortage Might Be Looming On The Horizon

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Tequila drinkers might want to stock up while they can.

Due to weather in Mexico, there could be a massive tequila shortage on the horizon due to agave – what tequila is made out of – not being produced at a high enough level due to high temps, according to Fox Weather.

“At a time when large agave crops are needed to meet demand, the extreme weather in Mexico is increasing the problems and the potential for scarcity of the product,” Everstream Analytics’ chief meteorologist Jon Davis explained.

A combination of bad weather and high demand could collide to create a disaster of a situation.

Is a tequila shortage coming? (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers via Getty Images)

Tequila fans might be facing a crisis.

“Global demand for tequila has been on the high side during the past few years, which has increased the need for large agave harvests to fulfill demand,” Davis further added.

Now, extreme heat and dryness are causing problems with the agave crop.

“Precipitation totals across much of the country have been less than 25% of normal with large sections having totals less than 10% and 5% of normal. These are extremely low, and in many cases, record-setting over this long of a period – two and half months,” Davis elaborated.

Will there be a tequila shortage in America? (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Might be time to start buying.

Now, let’s not panic, but let’s definitely be smart about this situation. As a tequila and mezcal fan, I definitely don’t need the supply running low.

You think people got crazy when toilet paper started drying up during COVID? Just wait until you can’t order a margarita with your tacos anymore.

That’s when people will really see the fabric of society start to unravel. Think about everyone going to brunch on a Saturday for a breakfast burrito, a couple Jose Cuervo shots and a handful of margaritas. That single event gives those people a reason to keep their lives together.

Now, you take that away from them and all bets are off.

There are growing fears of a tequila shortage. (Credit: Jeoffrey Guillemard/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

If you have a store near you that sells tequila, it might be time to get a few bottles. Do whatever is necessary to get your tequila buzz going.

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