Tennessee’s Jaylen McCollough Cleared By School, Still Waiting On District Attorney-Knoxville Police

KNOXVILLE- The Attorney for Tennessee defensive back Jaylen McCollough released a statement on Friday saying the school has cleared Jaylen McCollough of any wrong doing. This statement has no bearing on the criminal case that is still ongoing.

Although he has been cleared by the University of Tennessee Conduct Board, The Knoxville Police department and DA are still investigating. The case remains open on their end, but the school clearing him of any wrongdoing is a positive sign for McCollough.

Here is the full statement from McCollough’s attorney.

“After a thorough investigation into allegations related to an incident occurring on October 9th, 2022, Jaylen McCollough has resolved this matter with the University of Tennessee’s Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards. As part of an Alternative Resolution Agreement, there was no finding of responsibility against Mr. McCollough for any violations of the University’s Code of Conduct. He remains fully enrolled as a student without suspension or probation.”

KNOXVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 17: Tennessee defensive back Jaylen McCollough (2) (Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jaylen McCollough Attorney Makes Statement, ‘Maintains Complete Innocence

McCollough Still Part Of Team

Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel had mentioned earlier this week that they looked forward to him returning soon. McCollough has been allowed around the team during this time but cannot play until the criminal investigation is complete.

The case now sits with the district attorney. They will decide if there is enough evidence to bring a case against Jaylen McCollough or to drop the charges.

Written by Trey Wallace

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