Tee Morant Shows Zero Subtlety During Ja Morant’s Return, Wears ‘Redemption’ Shirt In First Game Back

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Anyone who has followed the Ja Morant discourse since February could’ve predicted that the Memphis Grizzlies star’s return wasn’t going to be very … subtle. And they were right. In Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets, the Grizzlies welcomed back their All-Star, returning to action on the court for the first time since Mar. 3.

Morant’s dad, Tee, was courtside for the big return, and his choice of attire wasn’t the most subtle.

Tee wore a shirt that read, “Redemption,” with a photo of himself, dapping up his son. Most days, the shirt would’ve checked out. But today, it was ill-timed.

Morant took time away from the team after facing suspensions from the Grizzlies and NBA.

The 23-year-old underwent a counseling program after getting caught in a streak of controversies.

From allegations of beating up a teenager to several accusations of flashing a weapon, Morant displayed behavior detrimental to his young NBA career.

After nearly three weeks, Morant rejoined the team on Monday (Mar. 20). Morant attended their win against the Mavericks that night. And despite being inactive, Morant made headlines for rapping an NBA Youngboy lyric during a postgame interview. Critics like Undisputed’s Skip Bayless called the moment bad optics for Morant.

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Now he’ll have a shot at leading the shaken-up Grizzlies to a deep playoff run. Memphis currently holds the second seed in the West.

Memphis went on to defeat the lowly Rockets, 130-125. He scored 17 points in 24 minutes coming off the bench.

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