Tee Higgins Gives Ja’Marr Chase Grief For Sideline Glizzies

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase remains out with a hip injury, which means he had plenty of time last weekend for snacks. However, fellow wideout Tee Higgins was befuddled by his way of eating a hot dog.

No food starts debates like a hot dog. Which city has the best ones? Can ketchup be put on one? Are they sandwiches?

As for Higgins, he wanted to know why the hell Chase was eating a plain one sans beverage.

“You eating a glizzy with no Bev and no condiment on it?” Higgins asked. “You’re pitiful.”

He’s gotta point. Chase could have at least gotten himself a cup of Gatorade to wash down his mid-game meal. And as for the lack of condiments, that’s bordering on a psycho move. The beauty of a hot dog is that it’s a blank canvas.

Only a lunatic would eat a blank canvas.

“Boy, Ja’Marr Chase eating a glizzy,” Higgins continued, focused more on his teammate housing a wiener than on the Bengals’ 20-16 win over the Titans. “He’s a glizzy gobbler!”

Then Higgins said he was done focusing on Chase’s dietary habits. He knows when a bit has run its course.

But then the second hot dog entered the frame. Chase must not have learned his lesson from the first round and continued his Joey Chestnut impression.

“Look at him ya’ll,” Higgins called trying to get the rest of the Bengals bench in on the fun. “Oh, he got two glizzies!”

Somehow, Higgins missed the most egregious part of the whole thing: that Chase was storing his hot dog in the kangaroo pouch of his sweatshirt. Those things are lint city.

So maybe Chase wasn’t chowing down on plain dogs after all.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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