Taylor Swift Just Proved Jerry Jones Is Wrong

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A recent Taylor Swift concert may have proved that Jerry Jones is lying and it begs the question – why does Jones hate the Dallas Cowboys?

One of the biggest complaints since AT&T Stadium’s inception in 2009 has been the sun. Some genius decided to build it so that the field faces the east to west, meaning that the sun is constantly a problem when playing games.

I mean that hurts just looking at it on a damn computer screen!

Anyone who has ever watched an afternoon Cowboys game is all too familiar with the sun coming across in obscure angles across the field through AT&T Stadium’s giant windows.

Fans have long complained about it.

Hell – even Cowboys players like Dez Bryant and Bruce Butler have said that Jones and the Cowboys needed to do something to stop the sun because it was DIRECTLY AFFECTING their performance. They would go across the middle to catch a ball and be blinded by the hot Texan sun just grilling their eyes.


Yet, Jones has done nothing.

Even worst, he has actively said that he wouldn’t hang curtains up to try and block the sun.

“I don’t see curtains at all,” Jones previously told reporters. “We’re good at knowing where that sun is during these games. So, I don’t see that in the future. “The sun has not been a factor at all in any win or loss we’ve had in that stadium,” Jones mind-bogglingly said.

“No, I’m not [going to have curtains]. That’s about 10,000 on my list of things to worry about,” Jones said on a different occasion.

The Fort-Worth Star Telegram has documented multiple incidents of the sun directly affecting the Cowboys from catching the ball. Jones counters by saying that both teams have to deal with the sun. That’s true, but the Cowboys play their throughout the entire season. It’s not just a one-off tough game, it’s every single home game Jerry!


Maybe Jerry Jones should take some advice from the most successful artist on the planet right now, Taylor Swift.

When Swift performed this past week at AT&T Stadium, do you know what she did?

She purposely had curtains put up so she could perform better – and ya know, actually see what she was doing, as well as so fans could have a better experience.

Taylor Swift just one-upped cranky-old Jones and proved him to be a liar and a bit of a fool.

If there’s one thing Swift knows, it’s winning – just ask Ticketmaster how they’re doing these days.

Taylor Swift Billboard Hot 100 Record
Taylor Swift had the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. (Getty Images)

For Jones to think that the Dallas Cowboys would not benefit from having curtains – even after there’s proof that the shining sun has 100% had an effect on the outcomes of games is batshit crazy. It really is. Why would you want to sabotage your team, your personal investment?

Once again Taylor Swift has lived up to her lyric.

“It’s me, I’m the problem, it’s me…”

However this time, both the Dallas Cowboys fans and players may be thanking her for it!

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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