Taylor Lorenz Attends Maskless Party After Calling Unmasked Crowds ‘Horrifying’

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In case you thought liberal hypocrisy on masks would ever end, Taylor Lorenz is here to end that misconception.

Lorenz has frequently referred to herself as “immunocompromised” or “disabled,” justifying extreme levels of fear over COVID. Unsurprisingly then, she’s been extremely harsh on anyone hosting parties or declining to wear masks.

In a now-deleted 2022 tweet, Lorenz replied to a post discussing terrified COVIDian Howard Stern finally leaving his house and bringing up the need to talk about those still scared of the virus.

“What an absurd, insensitive thing to post. Thousands are dying per week, millions are disabled & we have zero effective drugs that prevent infection. Immunocompromised ppl don’t deserve condescending comments abt being “too afraid” of a virus that can kill or severely disable us,” she wrote.


You’d think that someone so scared of extreme consequences from COVID would remain terrified, given that there are still “zero effective drugs that prevent infection.”

But that would require intellectual honesty and consistency from Lorenz. And that is not her specialty.

After her sharp rebuke of those trying to move on from the pandemic, Lorenz recently attended a dinner party hosted by Kathy Griffin. Actor Diedrich Bader posted a photo of the guests, and what do you know? There’s Taylor Lorenz, right in the middle, completely maskless.

Part of a decent sized group of people who are also maskless.

Well then!

Taylor Lorenz mask
Washington Post Columnist Taylor Lorenz (Fox News)

Lorenz The Latest Example of Endless Hypocrisy

Of course, Lorenz has a long history of shaming unmasked crowds, even after evidence has confirmed masks don’t work to stop COVID.

In another now-deleted tweet from 2022, Lorenz was critical of South by Southwest for having an unmasked event.

“Seeing everyone indoors totally unmasked and crowded together at panels, events, and parties at [SXSW] makes me sad, when will things be safe for those who are high risk and vulnerable to participate in events and conferences and events?” Lorenz explained.

Later that year, she posted another tweet expressing her horror and disappointment in response to photos of unmasked medical professionals.

“As someone who’s severely immunocompromised this is absolutely horrifying and disappointing to see. Stark reminder of all the medical professionals who don’t care at all about keeping vulnerable patients safe from a raging deadly and disabling pandemic,” Lorenz tweeted.

Others noticed her blatant hypocrisy and long history of publicly criticizing anyone choosing not to mask.

But of course, she’s just the latest in a long line of liberal personalities to ignore their own rules.

Gavin Newsom had a large, unmasked dinner at The French Laundry in Napa. Nancy Pelosi enjoyed getting her hair done in San Francisco without a mask on. Dr. Fauci wore a mask alone on a mound to throw out a first pitch, then sat in the stands maskless next to other people.

The mayor of San Francisco said she declined to mask while dancing, ignoring her own mask mandate, because she was “feeling the spirit.”

Rules For Thee, Not For Me

Lorenz embodies the most cherished of all liberal traditions during the pandemic.

Others must sacrifice to make them feel better.

We’re supposed to mask forever, because Lorenz unquestioningly bought into misinformation that masks protect others. We’re supposed to stay home forever, because it makes her feel safer.

Our bettors in the government-media industrial establishment know what’s best for us, and their status and “spirit” make it unnecessary for them to follow their own rules.

The endless hypocrisy of the pandemic is a feature, not a bug, of left wing personalities.

Lorenz is just better at it than many of her peers.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC

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