Taylor Lorenz Loses It Over Co-Worker’s ‘Insensitive and Deadly’ Covid Tweet

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Tuesday, Washington Post “journalist” Taylor Lorenz grumbled on Twitter about one of her colleagues asking why people are still hunkered down, terrified of Covid-19.

Helaine Olen commented on a story about Howard Stern, a man broken by Covid hysteria, finally leaving his secluded basement.

“At some point we’re going to need to begin a conversation about the people still too afraid to leave their homes because of Covid,” Olen tweeted.

Lorenz found this tweet absurd, insensitive, and even deadly:

We want to inform those unfamiliar with Lorenz — a very nasty woman — that she is, indeed, a real person. She might tweet and act like a parody account. But unfortunately, she’s real. And she and her mask are coming to a door near you:

Unfortunately for Lorenz, She Can’t Hide Behind Her Mask

In addition to her vile nature, she staked her claim on the highly sought-after Mount Rushmore of Internet Victims.

Taylor Lorenz is a victim of social media hate, sexism, ableism, conservatism, and all the other terms of diminished value. At least that’s what she’s been obsessively tweeting of late.

In reality, she’s a grade-A nutjob. She harasses the targets of her hit pieces, then decries that people like Glenn Greenwald are smearing her for correcting her inaccuracies. Last year, she incorrectly accused venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of using ableist slurs. She tried to ruin him over a lie.

She’s also terrified of airplanes. Yet she’s so in demand she had to find the courage to fasten her seatbelt last summer:

“I have to fly soon for work & as someone who is medically vulnerable I’m so scared. All COVID precautions that keep high risk people safe have been dropped. I plan to keep an N95 on my face for all 7 hours w/ zero water breaks, but I’m scared it may not seal perfectly. Any tips?,” Lorenz said on June 10, 2022 in a now-deleted tweet.

Oh, the bravery.

Taylor Lorenz might be the only person in media dumber than Don Lemon. It’s close.

Finally, the timing of Lorenz’s criticism of Olen is rather precarious. In July, The Post fired Felicia Sonmez for publishing her issues with a co-worker on social media. The Post said doing so breaks company policy.

Taylor Lorenz just broke company policy. So, will the Washington Post fire her?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This skank is not a journalist. She is simply an uneducated kook lib that writes kook lib crap for a Kook lib paper. Stupid people are the ones that still can’t admit that COVID and it’s vaccine are the biggest fraud ever dumped on the world.

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