Target Customer Goes On Viral Rant In Store Over Pride Section, Bud Light

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A Target customer stepped into his local store and dropped the hammer on the controversial kids’ pride display AND Bud Light earlier this week.

Safe to say he’s now a former customer.

Scott LoBaido, who accurately describes himself as a patriot in his Twitter bio, decided enough was enough and let the folks at Target have it in a viral video that’s been viewed nearly 500,000 times.

LoBaido was promptly asked to leave after the epic rant, which ended with a KO to Bud Light and the people over at … F–kweiser.

Target under fire from customers over kids’ pride section

My goodness — what a rant! There were some next-level takedowns in there and a couple HOF quotes.

I still can’t get over the ending as Scott here is walking out.

“You’re gonna go down like F–kweiser!” is such a great line I’m not sure how anything tops it. The subtle accent brings it from good to great, too. Nice touch.

The video shockingly has gone mega-viral since Scott here posted it Wednesday afternoon, with over 6,000 retweets and 14,000 likes. He also makes some decent points in between the yelling that I’m sure Target is THRILLED about.

For starters, where is the Memorial Day display? Pride month doesn’t start till June, yet Memorial Day is Monday. Seems like we skipped a step here?

Mix in a little dig at China, and it’s perfect.

“There’s a couple little Made in China, patriotic pieces of sh*t here,” he says. “Target, what about November? Do we get a Veterans display in November? No we do not.”

Side note: I don’t know if Target has a Veterans Day display. Those are Scott’s words, not mine. I have a hunch, though.

Target customer goes on viral rant over pride section and bud light.

Bud Light and Target have had one heck of month

Scott also makes a good point towards the end, too. No problem with the Pride section, but take the kids out of it.

Yep, that pretty much sums it all up. I’ve said it since this mess went viral last week — there’s nothing wrong with having a pride section. But sane parents draw the line at child grooming.

Shocking, I know.

Anyway, it’s been a whirlwind week for the retail giant, which lost over $9 billion as of Thursday morning since coming under fire earlier this month.

Last Wednesday — a day before the controversy erupted — Target’s stock closed at $160.96 a share, giving them a market capitalization of $74.3 billion.

As of Thursday, shares of the company were trading off 1% at $141.76 — bringing that above number down to $65.3 billion, which is a staggering 12% drop.

Not great!

Combine that with the ongoing situation at Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light — where sales have plunged for nearly two months now — and it appears people are fed up.

Just ask Scott!

Written by Zach Dean

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