Tampa Mayor Jane Castor Is Being Called Out As A Mask Hypocrite

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Tampa mayor Jane Castor is off to a hot start this week in her war against maskless Buccaneers fans and her own history of using a mask, especially during championship celebrations. Leave it to the Internet to dig into Ms. Castor’s history to get a better look at how she’s handled herself over the last several months. It turns out, she’s a hypocrite.

“Everyone knows that simply wearing a mask dramatically reduces the spread of COVID-19. I’m proud to say that the majority of individuals that I saw out and about enjoying the festivities associated with the Super Bowl were complying (with the mask order).”

Then Jane turned her attention to the “bad actors” who will be “identified.”

“I’m proud of our community, but those few bad actors will be identified, and the Tampa Police Department will handle it.”

“Yes, we did see some videos,” Castor told the media. “We did see some individuals that weren’t wearing a mask. And at this point, in dealing with COVID-19, there is a level of frustration when you see that. It can be passed on to those individuals who are least likely to recover safely from it.”

Scroll to the fourth photo on this Instagram post from Andrei Vasilevskiy. Jane, is that you maskless celebrating the Stanley Cup with people outside your family? Oh Jane!

Is the person in the mascot costume a member of Jane’s family?

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It’s like Gary Sheffield Jr. pointed out in the Oregon article…these leaders want all the authority and none of the accountability.

    Well it doesn’t work that way. That road is how wars get started and crime in increases and I don’t want any of that.

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