Tampa Bay Mayor Enlisting Law Enforcement To Identify And Handle Maskless Super Bowl Fans

Well, this is something.

The mayor of Tampa Bay, Jane Castor, isn’t happy with those who attended Super Bowl LV festivities without a mask. In fact, she recently said in a press conference that those individuals who did would be identified and handled by law enforcement.

“I’m proud of our community,” Castor said, via a tweet from Breaking911. “But those few bad actors will be identified, and the Tampa Police Department will handle it.”

If this sounds familiar, it should. It’s eerily similar to her “restaurants that are acting like bars” remarks from back in July of 2020. Sounds like Castor is ready to put a few people on the chopping block.

However, she has expressed no such interest in identifying and handling those who commit other crimes, such as burning or looting. She just wants to bring the hammer down on those who don’t wear masks. I guess we can ignore the executive order from Gov. Ron DeSantis that bans local governments from enforcing mask mandate violations.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. I work in Tampa and have to put up with her communist garbage. Her wife is Ana Cruz, a DNC lobbyist, so it should come as no surprise that everything she does is meant to grandstand and grab national headlines. Thank goodness for Governor DeSantis, or we’d have no chance against Mayor Castro, er Castor.

  2. these people are sick. mayor of saint pete is going after 50 cent for a maskless party.

    time to resist this crap folks.

    when these masks turn up on manatees faces in Florida will these idiot mayors pay a price? nope.

    this is not American behavior. nobody voted for communism and authoritarianism.

  3. Jane Castor is a n inept, in over her head fraud of a mayor that is just a little mouse puppet of her DemocRat masters. She was an inept police chief before being Mayor. The people of Tampa love rewarding incompetent politicians.

  4. Tampa voters got what they voted for. One thing stands out over the last year, we don’t have many competent leaders in this country. Most are just pawns to a party’s wishes instead of actual leaders. But to get backing from a party you’ve got to be someone who bows to the party’s agenda over what’s right. You’ve got to be that kind of person to win, which creates a vicious never ending cycle of idiots running for office. If that’s all it takes, then a well trained chimpanzee could be equally qualified.

  5. Per FBI stats Tampa has a higher than average crime rate compared to the rest of Florida. Surely, there are more pressing problems in Tampa, from crime, poverty, joblessness, etc that the mayor can focus upon than this. Pure headline grabbing nonsense. The best way to solve this is to ignore these morons. While I appreciate the article and comments, we just gave this lady unwarranted attention.

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