Taiwanese Cheerleaders Distract A Free Throw Shooter By Doing The Splits & Twerking Directly Under The Basket

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Good luck shooting free throws in the Super Basketball League, or SBL. The SBL is a semi-professional men’s basketball league in Taiwan where the cheerleaders pullout all the stops in support of their team.

In the SBL, the cheerleaders aren’t only responsible for leading the cheering. In the SBL, they’re also tasked with creating distractions for opposing players. They do this by setting up shop underneath the basket.

Taiwanese Cheerleaders LuxyGirls
Taiwanese cheerleaders create a distraction during a free throw attempt (Image Credit: Twitter)

Being positioned under the basket is the first part of the distraction equation. The second part is getting the attention of the opposing players in order to get their mind off of basketball.

Is there a better way to do that than by showing off ones flexibility and dances moves all in one move? If there is I’m not aware of it and neither are the LuxyGirls, the Changhua BLL’s cheerleading squad.

A couple of videos of the LuxyGirls deploying their free throw distraction during a game has started making the rounds on social media.

While the majority of the squad stands by and shakes their pom-poms under the basket, a couple members of the squad do the splits and start twerking as a member of the Taiwan Beer attempts a free throw.

The distraction works perfectly and Su Pai-chang’s free throw attempt is missed.

The LuxyGirls Are Changing The Cheerleading Game

In Taiwan, well in the SBL anyway, the cheerleaders are a vital part of the team. Or so I presume. If they’re doing these kinds of distractions how can they not be?

Forget the pressure of shooting a free throw there’s a whole new complexity added with these types of distractions. They could have a real affect on the outcome of games.

If you’re like me, you have to know more about the Super Basketball League and the LuxyGirls. The SBL was founded in 2002 and consists of just four teams. One of those teams goes by the name Beer.

The Taiwan Beer are joined by the Bank of Taiwan, Changhua BLL, and Yulon Luxgen Dinos as the only members of the league.

When it comes to the LuxyGirls. The small cheerleading squad has been referred to as Taiwan’s first American-style cheerleading squad.

I’m not sure why. Unless I missed something these kinds of moves aren’t being performed in America during free throws. It’s our loss.

Written by Sean Joseph

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