Brawl Featuring Cheerleaders, Suplexes Breaks Out During Oklahoma Girls’ High School Basketball Game

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Things got out of hand at a girls’ high school basketball game where pretty much everyone started throwing hands on court.

It happened at the end of a girls’ regional basketball game between Star Spencer High School and Tulsa Central High.

Tulsa Central had just won the game when things started getting completely out of control.

I’ve never seen anyone sit and watch an all-out melee more stoically than the fella in the foreground. That’s a man who has seen some things in his life. A high school basketball player being suplexed by an adult is not the craziest.

And yeah, those are cheerleaders who hopped into the fray as well. Maybe think twice before the next time say it’s not a sport. These young ladies would probably like a word with you.

The Brawl Did Not Reflect The Values Of Oklahoma CIty Schools (Not Like Anyone Thought It Did)

Oddly enough, a parent who was on hand for the game said it wasn’t dirty, which is weird when you consider the slugfest that ensued.

“It really wasn’t like a dirty game. I mean, everybody seemed normal. So, it definitely caught me off guard,” Skylar Brooks — whose son was set to play in the following game — told KFOR. “There were a few players involved, but most of the players were standing back. So, yeah, it was definitely, I would say more of the fans and parents.”

The Oklahoma City Public School District released a statement saying that the incident was not in line with the district’s values.

I’m not sure who would’ve thought that it was. I guess that’s just what organizations adhering to the damage control playbook say in moment like this one.

“This was an unfortunate incident and does not reflect the values or sportsmanship that OKCPS expects of our students and fans,” a spokesperson said. “OKCPS officials worked with Tulsa Public Schools and the OSSAA to investigate the incident.”

The district said that players had been disciplined for the incident. Meanwhile, some of those who stormed the court were banned from attending sporting events for the rest of the year.

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