‘Succession’ Sets Ratings Record After Shocking Twist

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“Succession” put up record ratings this past Sunday night with the most powerful episode in the history of the series.


As everyone knows with internet access at this point, the third episode of season four saw Logan Roy die while on a plane.

Viewers watched his children grapple with the fact their father, who they all seemed to hate, was gone and there was nothing they could do about it.

It was an incredibly powerful hour of television. OutKick’s Glenn Guilbeau did a great reaction to the episode that left the entertainment world shocked.

“Succession” hits record ratings.

Now, the ratings are in for the stunning twist and it was the most-watched episode in “Succession” history.

The HBO hit was watched Sunday night by 2.5 million viewers. That’s a 7% boost from the show’s previous high of 2.3 million for the season four premiere.

“Succession” puts up record ratings with Logan’s death episode. (Credit: HBO)

“Succession” was also trending for an extended into Tuesday. As of Wednesday morning, it appears it’s finally no longer trending on Twitter.

It just goes to show there’s nothing like experiencing a stunning episode of TV with the rest of the country.

The ratings still don’t touch some other major content.

While Sunday night was a record for “Succession” and an incredibly impressive milestone for the series, the show still lags behind other major hits.

It’s a reminder the show is really for a niche audience. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just true. “The Last of Us” and “House of the Dragon” both put up much bigger numbers. The first six episodes of “The Last of Us” averaged more than 30 million viewers once streaming was accounted for, according to The Associated Press. “House of the Dragon” was in the same ballpark.

The ratings for the “Yellowstone” season five premiere was north of 12 million, and the hit western only grows larger as more people catch it on streaming. “Succession” had a record night, but it’s still miles behind the other major hits on television. The numbers make that clear.

“Succession” stunned fans with Logan’s death. (Credit: HBO)

Having said that, the series is definitely worth your time. Now, millions of fans will sit and wait to see how everything shakes with Logan Roy dead. The rest of the fourth and final season is going to be pure anarchy, and fans can’t wait.

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