HBO Releases Intense ‘Succession’ Midseason Trailer After Shocking Episode

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“Succession” fans are waiting on pins and needles to see where the final show goes after Sunday night.


OutKick’s Glenn Guilbeau has a full column out breaking down the shocking and stunning episode. His deep dive is outstanding and worth every second of your time.

As for where the show goes from here, the midseason trailer paints a very ominous and intense picture. Like any dictatorship where the leader dies, there’s going to be a massive power struggle that unfolds.

That’s exactly what is going to happen with the Roy children and all the other officials left behind, judging from the preview for the rest of the fourth and final season. Give it a watch below.

“Succession” throws fans unbelievable curveball.

Sunday night’s episode of “Succession” is a great reminder of how impactful live TV can be. It’s all the entertainment world has been talking about since it aired.

I caught it a bit late, and was forced to avoid spoilers like the plague. When you binge TV and quickly get episode after episode, it’s easy to forget that’s not the model many of us grew up on.

Back in the day when “Lost,” “True Detective” or “Game of Thrones” was on TV, the entire country seemingly watched at the same time and then rushed to the water cooler the next day to discuss theories and reactions.

“Succession” stunned fans with latest episode. (Credit: HBO)

The latest episode of “Succession” did just that. Nobody saw Logan dying….well, nobody saw him dying before the series finale.

Now, there will absolutely be a huge power struggle that should *HOPEFULLY* see the Roy children team up to protect their father’s empire. Will that actually happen? Who knows, but it’s clear that’s coming.

“Succession” paints ominous future after Logan’s death. (Credit: HBO)

Also, how touching was the scene where Conor decides to get married after everyone already had left. It might sound crazy to say but that actually felt like the only win.

“Succession” shocks fans with Logan’s death. (Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.)

Make sure to keep checking back for all our “Succession” coverage and read Glenn’s full breakdown. You don’t want to miss it.

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