Piers Morgan Uncorks Blistering Hot ‘Succession’ Take: ‘Sizzling Meat’

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Piers Morgan is out on “Succession” after the death of Logan Roy.

“Succession” is winding down its final season on HBO, and the one moment that had everyone talking at the water cooler and on social media was Logan Roy’s shocking death in episode three.

The four episodes that have aired since Logan’s death have been very solid as viewers watch the Roy children try to hash out their futures now that their dad is gone.

However, Piers Morgan isn’t impressed.

Has “Succession” lost its fastball after Logan Roy’s death? (Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.)

Piers Morgan rips state of “Succession.”

While a lot of us are still enjoying “Succession,” Morgan ripped it in a Tuesday morning tweet, and claimed it now “sucks” without Logan Roy on the series.

“It’s become vegan TV … missing the hot sizzling meat,” Morgan tweeted to his 8.4 million followers.

Is Morgan dead wrong or does he have a point?

While Piers Morgan might have an issue with where “Succession” has gone since Logan Roy’s death, the show seems to be doing just fine.

The ratings are incredibly impressive when compared to the series’ historical ratings, and chatter about it still continues to dominate social media.

Piers Morgan rips the state of “Succession.” (Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.)

Instead of watching Logan steamroll everyone, fans are now watching his three main children try to pick up the pieces amid major chaos as Lukas Matsson tries to buy the company. Shiv attempts to help him while her brothers Kendall and Roman try to stop the sale.

After all, the show is titled “Succession.” It was always going to be about what happened AFTER Logan Roy was gone. Now, with the final season winding down, fans are watching the Roy family do battle one last time.

It’s also been a ton of fun watching Kendall and Roman step up to the plate. Fans have waited years, and it’s now here.

“Succession” winds down its final season. (Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.)

Piers Morgan usually has some great takes – see his defense of Riley Gaines for an outstanding example – but on this issue, he’s completely wrong. “Succession” is definitely still sizzling, even if it’s pivoted. This was always the endgame, and it’s now here.

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