‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Sounds Off On Logan’s Fate

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“Succession” star Brian Cox doesn’t sound like he’s super thrilled with Logan’s ending on the show.


Fans of the hit HBO series were stunned when Logan died on a flight in episode three, and the viewers were crushed as we all watched the Roy kids grapple with the fact their father was dead. Not only was he dead, but they couldn’t even say goodbye.

I think overall, fans loved the conclusion of Logan’s ride. However, it sounds like Cox initially felt like the rug had been pulled out from under him.

“Succession” fans were stunned by Logan’s death. (Credit: HBO)

Brian Cox reacts to Logan’s shocking death in “Succession.”

“I was fine with it ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected. You know, I felt a little bit, oh, all the work I’ve done and finally I’m going to, you know, end up as an ear on a carpet of a plane,” Cox said during an interview with the BBC (via Variety).

The star actor made it clear he thinks Logan’s death was portrayed “in a pretty brilliant way,” but he saw it “wrongly, as a form of rejection.”

Cox is even holding out hope the character he’s famous for playing might not be dead just yet.

“I still believe this, maybe Logan isn’t dead. This could be part of an elaborate ruse to find out. Well, if you think about it, from Logan’s point of view, he has to find out, how are his children going to behave when he dies, what will then happen? And the only way to do that is to fake his death and actually, at some distant point he’s observing the chaos that is following,” Cox elaborated.

Unfortunately for that hope, there’s no doubt Logan is dead.

Brian Cox reacts to Logan’s shocking death on “Succession.” (Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved)

The death was, ultimately, perfect.

As someone pointed out after Logan’s death, the show is titled “Succession.” The entire journey has been who will take over for Logan once he’s gone.

Everyone seemed to think that would happen when he handed over the reins by the season finale. Instead, Logan died in the third episode of the final season, and viewers have been left watching the Roy children and everyone else jockey for position in the aftermath.

It was an incredible twist that came in the first third of the season instead of the series finale. The fact it was so abrupt and unexpected is what made it so great. Logan was an old man, and sometimes, old people die without much warning. I would argue Logan’s fate was incredibly realistic. There was no time for people to plan. Everyone was thrown into chaos and had to deal with it the best they could.

Now, the final “Succession” episode ever airs Sunday night. Who is ready? I’ve got the beer on ice, popcorn ready to roll and I’m prepared to light this firecracker one last time. Sound off with your theories in the comments below.

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