‘Stranger Things’ Star Reveals When Season 5 Production Will Begin

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“Stranger Things” season five will start production in a few months.

The fourth season of the legendary Netflix saga started in May 2022 and then finished at the start of July. Now, fans have been waiting for any updates about when the final season of “Stranger Things” might come out.

During a TikTok Live (via ComingSoon.net), star Noah Schnapp was asked if production on season five would interrupt school.

“No, it’s not. I’m done with school in May, and starting to shoot in May,” Schnapp responded.

What does this update mean for “Stranger Things” fans?

This is a bit of a good news/bad news situation. Let’s start with the good news because it’s obvious. It’s great news that production on season five is roughly four months away.

That might sound like a far way off, but it’s really not. Time flies, and it’ll be May before anyone realizes it.

Cameras rolling on “Stranger Things” season five in May is definitely something to be excited about.

What is the bad news?

That brings us to the bad news. If filming starts in May, there’s almost zero shot season five of “Stranger Things” comes out in 2023.

It will take probably five to six months just to film the full season. Remember, we’re talking about episodes that are each about an hour long and incredibly intensive.

"Stranger Things" cast will get huge season five salaries. (Credit: Netflix)
“Stranger Things” production will be underway by May. (Credit: Netflix)

It takes serious time to film something that has the scale of “Stranger Things.” Then, it will take several more months for special effects and promotion to be done. That means you’re looking at maybe a February-March 2024 release date for season five.

More likely, fans will be looking at a summer 2024 release date. That’s a hell of a long time to wait. There was already nearly a three year wait between seasons three and four.

Now, fans will likely have to wait about two years again for new episodes. Not great at all.

Having said that, it’s great to know the wheels of progress are spinning on “Stranger Things.” It’s one of the best shows on TV, and the final season should be an awesome ride.

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