Steve Jobs’ Daughter Makes Fun Of The New iPhone

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There’s a new iPhone on the way. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 14 on Wednesday at the Apple headquarters. The new features of the latest version of the iPhone left many unimpressed.

Steve Jobs’ model daughter Eve can be counted among those who was not impressed. Shortly after the iPhone 14 announcement the late Apple co-founder’s daughter shared a meme making fun of it.

Eve shared a meme captioned, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.” The picture included in the meme is of a guy holding up a new shirt, which is exactly the same as the shirt he is wearing.

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You Don’t Have The Amount Of Money That Apple Does Without A Little Hustle

The meme expresses a feeling many had of the iPhone 14 and its limited new features. To be fair to Apple, the new iPhone isn’t exactly the same as its predecessor.

The new iPhone includes a new camera system and a longer battery life. It also comes in four different sizes — the original, the Plus, the Pro and the Pro Max.

If that’s not enough to get you to run out and buy one right away, maybe the price range of $799 to $1,099, the same as when Apple launched the original, the Pro and the Pro Max versions of the iPhone 13.

If you want the new iPhone don’t let the daughter of the company’s co-founder or the lack of new features discourage you. There will be plenty of people who line up and fork over their cash for one of these “new phones” several months after they did so for the iPhone 13.

I’m not going to judge. I am, however, going to listen to the model daughter of the late co-founder.

Written by Sean Joseph

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