Stephen Colbert Calls Mar-a-Lago Raid His ‘Christmas,’ ‘Most Beautiful’ Moment of His Life

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Stephen Colbert says it felt like Christmas when he woke up on Tuesday. He adds this might be the happiest moment of his adult life.

That’s how the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago has him feeling.

“It may be hot outside, but in here, it’s Christmas,” Colbert began his monologue.“Because yesterday, we all got the present we wanted: FBI agents raided Mar-a-Lago Oh, mwah!

“That is the most beautiful sentence America has ever produced. It’s right up there with ‘We put cheese inside the crust.'”

The weaponization of the FBI is like Christmas to a 58-year-old man. Following so far?

Partisan hacks like Colbert have turned late-night television into essentially MSNBC with live crowds and fewer “BREAKING NEWS” chyrons.

The creepy obsession with Trump has done severe damage to the popularity of the genre. It’s why Samantha Bee is a “former” late-night host. Aside from an episode in which Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c—,” no one watched her program. So, TBS fired her a few weeks ago.

Colbert might be the highest-rated host in late-night, but that’s because the Jimmy guys are over their heads pushing left-wing talking points. Colbert is the most naturally partisan of the three.

In addition to calling the scouring of Melania Trump’s wardrobe his “Christmas,” Colbert has made about two other headlines over the past calendar year.

Last fall, he performed the Vax-Scene dance while under the impression that the jab prevented COVID. Here’s a look at what CBS considers “comedy.”

Then, he told working Americans to stop complaining about record-high gas prices because it’s — and I quote — “worth a clean conscience.”

Here’s Colbert and his $15 million a year salary telling blue-collar workers to buy an electric car like he did:

CBS brands Colbert as humorous and creative. He’s supposed to make people laugh. He is the successor to David Letterman. How disheartening is that?

I’d hate to know what Colbert’s birthdays look like.

Written by Bobby Burack

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