TBS Cancels Samantha Bee’s Trump-Obsessed Late-Night Show

TBS canceled Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on Monday, the first marquee talent axing of Warner Bros. Discovery.

The network blamed “difficult, business-based decisions” for the cancellation.

If you were wondering, this decision is not a delayed reaction to Bee calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c—.” That’s all good.

Instead, new management decided it would not support a rating-challenged show with an expensive payroll. Note: it took many writers to prepare a monologue for Bee.

TBS did not specify what it’d air in Bee’s place. However, it’s unlikely it will go with another late-night program.

The network may close the door on the entire late-night experience under Discovery’s control.

TBS once envisioned a lineup of edgier alternatives to the Late Show and Tonight, which air on the more restrictive broadcast networks. While this strategy had momentum at a time, it ultimately failed to maintain viewership.

And that’s too bad — fans deserve better options than this guy:

TBS canceled Lopez Tonight in 2011, Conan in 2021, and now Full Frontal.

If George Lopez and Conan O’Brien couldn’t make it, Bee had little hope. The first step to becoming a successful late-night host requires the skill of making people laugh.

Bee never did much of that:


Like Colbert, Bee let her obsession with Trump distract her from other content ideas. She could not get Trump out of her head. Her show needed him in the White House.

Bee considers this gem her greatest hit:

Bee even made reference to Trump when she announced that TBS had fired her.

“To our loyal fans – we love you, you’re very special. Go home, and go home in peace,” Bee tweeted about her cancellation earlier today.

At least try to laugh.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Never watched her show so no great loss. Now, if only that idiot Seth Meyers would be cut loose, not to mention that loathsome Steven Colbert, the awful Jimmy Kimmel and the overly excitable Jimmy Fallon. Late night television is now home to the worst level of hosting “talent” on the air than at any time since the invention of the medium. In addition to old Carson videos on YT that I watch and still find entertaining, informative and even poignant with some guests, all the while Johnny allowing the guest to enjoy the attention from the audience while being more than happy to either play along as a bit player or just settle in and let the guest go, I also like the old Dick Cavett interviews. Real questions and guests answering honestly and not the contrived nonsense that passes for entertainment today.

    The standards were so much higher 50 years ago than today. Two different world’s of late night television.

  2. For 32 years hard-core Rush-Haters said “He won’t last once _______ is out of The White House.”
    He outlasted EIGHT administrations … Bush 1 – Clinton 1 – Clinton 2 – W-1 – W-2 – Obama 1 – Obama 2 – Trump …… and when he died Feb 2021 after 32 years as #1 … those same hard-core Rush-Haters all said “See, we told you so”.

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