Stephen A, Who Demoted Max Kellerman, Calls Kyrie Selfish and Dismisses ‘Other Side’ in Vaccine Debate

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After appearing on CNN with creepy Don Lemon last night, Stephen A. Smith came into work fired up about vaccine mandates. First, Smith called Kyrie Irving’s decision to remain unvaccinated “stupid.” And Smith wasn’t interested in someone challenging his position.

Jay Williams again made it into Stephen A. Smith’s exclusive First Take rotation on Wednesday. Williams, along with Sage Steele, is one of ESPN’s only independent thinkers. As a result, Williams thought he could debate a topic on a debate show. Williams thought wrong.

Williams, who is vaccinated against COVID-19, took a mild position. He didn’t tell people to get or not get vaccinated. Instead, he opposed labeling people who choose to remain unvaccinated as “dumb” or “selfish,” as Smith did. In response, Smith turned hostile, as he always does when an opponent challenges him on a topic other than on-court NBA action.

Take a look:

Smith is not attacking Jay Williams. He’s attacking the people who share Williams’ viewpoint — that’s the key.

Notice how Smith dismisses the beliefs of the “other side,” a thought shared among elitist media members. CNN and ESPN hosts live in a bubble. They look down on those who do not, like the average working American and sports fan. That’s the group Williams represented against Smith.

TV hosts belittle others’ views because they feel those who are not in their class are not qualified to have an opinion. So they yell at, talk down to, and shame anyone whose beliefs differ even slightly.

Finally, Smith’s point is that Irving’s decision is “selfish” and hurts his teammates. Thankfully, Stephen A. Smith has never been selfish enough to damage one of his teammate’s careers…

Oh, yeah, that’s right.

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