Stephen A. Smith Names ‘Worst’ Athlete To Interview: ‘A Complete Waste Of Time’

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Stephen A. Smith has revealed who he thinks is the “worst interview in sports.” While the athlete he picks out may surprise some, anyone who knows Smith’s hatred for the team this person plays for shouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

During Wednesday’s edition of ‘First Take’ on ESPN, Smith called out Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott as the worst athlete to interview in all of sports.


Prescott recently shared that he’s “very optimistic” about the Cowboys heading into the upcoming season, and apparently that sent Smith over the edge.

“Dak Prescott is the worst interview in sports,” Smith explained. “The most useless, wasted time interview in sports. He says the same thing every year, no matter what’s going on with the Cowboys. ‘I feel very confident in us, I think we’re gonna be very good.’ My point to you is he gives no insight.”

“He never changes. It is a complete waste of time to talk to Dak Prescott. The most useless interview in sports is talking to Dak Prescott,” Smith continued.

Why Stephen A. Thinks Prescott Is The Worst Athlete To Interview

Prescott certainly isn’t the only player in the NFL that doesn’t share all that much with the media, every QB is going to say he’s optimistic heading into the season.

My theory is that Smith doesn’t like Prescott for two reasons.

First, he despises the Cowboys and makes fun of them every opportunity he gets. He’s literally paid to make fun of Prescott’s team. Secondly, Smith wishes the QB of the team he hates would say something controversial. By doing so, Smith could then fill an hour of ‘First Take’ spinning whatever Prescott said into something headline-worthy. But that’s not Prescott’s style.

If you’re Prescott and you see these comments from Smith all you can do is smile, he’s one of a very select few set of athletes that clearly gets under Stephen A.’s skin.

Written by Mark Harris

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