Stephen A. Smith Tells Molly Qerim She’s Been ‘Eating Enough’

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Stephen A. Smith must’ve been hungry Tuesday morning, because he couldn’t keep himself from putting his foot in his mouth.

During yesterday’s broadcast of ESPN’s First Take, Smith suggested that his co-host, Molly Oerim, has been “eating enough.” Not exactly the type of thing you say to a woman, especially on national tv.

If anything, the foot-in-mouth seemed to be Smith’s last meal. That’s because, as expected, Qerim hit Stephen A. with the type of death-stare he likely hasn’t seen since his days of debating former co-host Skip Bayless.

Qerim and Smith started discussing fellow co-host, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo’s Tuesday birthday when things went array – at least for Stephen A.

“Don’t eat any, Molly,” said Smith. “You’ve been eating enough over the last – you ate my cake.”

Watch Smith’s death wish unfold below.

Qerim And Smith Have Worked Together On First Take Since 2015

It didn’t take long for Stephen A. Smith to recognize Qerim’s bewilderment. And that’s when he did his best NFL defensive back impersonation and began backpedaling.

“I’m not talking about how you look, you look great!” Smith told Qerim. “But she ate my cake! You look great, I’m just saying she ate my cake! That’s all I meant by that.”

You could almost see Stephen A. sweating through the tv.

Very Viral Moment

Recognizing that First Take had accomplished what it sets out to do each day – though not under these circumstances – Qerim remarked “That’s about to go viral.” Next, Molly Qerim made every content writer’s job that much easier, telling her co-hosts and viewers: “‘Stephen A. tells Molly she eats too much cake,’ I see the headline now.”

Same here.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Here’s what I like about this article:
    I don’t ever watch ESPN anymore (except for live games, which I watch on mute), so I didn’t see this. Sure, Stephen A. is a windbag, but this is something we (society) used to laugh at all the time. No one was going to get cancelled…just put on the spot and made to sweat a little. This is like a little piece of normalcy, and I’m glad Anthony covered it like he did. Was the headline clickbait? Sure…but that’s probably how he gets paid. He’s just a squirrel trying to find a nut like the rest of us.

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